It’s been a minute…


It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been here, and I’m no longer home, so let me just give you the low down on what has happened since Christmas.

Big things first, I left my job for a new one, my dream job, doing something I absolutely love. It still comes with insane hours, and stressful times, but I wouldn’t trade the people for the world, their stories are unique, and their futures are bright.

I’m graduating in 40 days, the semester, my final one is over and it ended on quite an amazing note, mostly outside of the four walls of the university, but it didn’t end too low inside those walls either. My final exam was fallowed by meeting one amazing guy for his birthday and to celebrate and the beginning of something amazing. In 40 days I can add graduate and alumni to my list of things I have accomplished over the years!

My next year isn’t going to go exactly as I had hoped, in fact it is going in a completely different direction. It happens, despite the efforts and hard work put in over the last five years, it happens to everyone, spots fill up in programs before your name gets added to the list and you receive the dreadful, upsetting notification that you weren’t accepted, but there’s always next year. So I’m taking a break in a sense, I’m putting Speech on hold, and I’m going into treatment, challenging another side of what I love to do.

In the meantime, between the countless and endless hours I am working, I have managed to add one more flight to my list, even if there isn’t a stamp to show for it, I have started to explore Canada, a long time bucket list item and here I am.


So for the next week I am in Halifax, and I will give another update when I return, but in the meantime you have the quickest synopsis of where I have been the last few months and where I am headed.


Safe travels, and until the next adventure



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